Earthbag Building is Taking Off in Gaza!

I just discovered a new YouTube video from AlJazeera TV that describes how folks in the Gaza strip, who have been denied many building materials such as cement and steel, have taken to building with earthbags. This short video shows  how they are adapting some of CalEarth’s methods of using long tubes filled with adobe soil to build some marvelous forms.

One innovative adaptation is that they have connected many structures that have a square, vertical walled base, which then tapers upward to form a domed roof. This allows the maximum use of space in a series of connected domes.

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and in Gaza they are being forced to find ways to build with very limited materials. This could provide the impetus for making earthbag building more known and accepted in that entire region…which is both good for them and for the world. Take a look:

3 thoughts on “Earthbag Building is Taking Off in Gaza!”

  1. this is fantastic. just today i thought this would be a great way to help the people in gaza and the very first item in my search was your article posted today. talk about synchronisity.

    do you know of any volunteer programs that people could go to learn about earthbag building and help out in Gaza?

    i noticed in the video they seem to be using steel rebar forms to build the domes. i’d like to learn more about that. i haven’t seen that before.

    • I don’t know of any such volunteer programs, although they may exist.

      I believe that the steel forms that you can see in the video are just temporary guides that are removed and reused.


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