Building Warm Homes and Community at Pine Ridge Reservation

A home is so much more than its physical manifestation in the world. It is a place of togetherness, of gathering, of sharing, and of connecting. The mission of is to leverage their building technique to support those in need by providing warmth, stability, economic opportunity, and hope. The act of building a home … Read more

The Value of Straw Wattle Walls

I recently received this message from Patti Stouter, who has been a long time advocate and experimenter with earthbags and other natural technologies, especially as a means for surviving earthquakes and other calamities: I am beginning a test shelter project of straw wattle that may be helpful in both Ukraine and Turkey, so this report … Read more

Some Advantages of Rammed Earth

Climate change has spurred renewed interest in the ancient technique of rammed earth. Mud and clay have always been an abundantly available way to build walls. More than two billion people across some 150 countries live in buildings made of earth. “A kilo of cement emits a kilo of CO2. Whereas a kilo of earth … Read more

A Light Straw Clay Workshop in Nicaragua

Through a series of Natural Building Workshops in Nicaragua, South of San Juan del Sur, we studied several methods of using clay, sand and straw. In this video we display the technique of Light Straw Clay. At Centro Educativo Suelo Sano, we teach various sustainable living subjects, including permaculture, agroforestry, and natural building. We are … Read more

Houses That Can Save the World

Many of our houses are defined by a pattern of consumption, from the raw materials to build them, to the fuel required to sustain them, and the waste generated by them. Despite an improvement in building energy efficiency, 2021 saw carbon emissions from building and construction hit an all-time high. Suppose that a house could … Read more