Earthbag Construction Project in Palawan, Philippines — 8 Comments

  1. Hi all, your comments are very interesting. I just want to make you all aware too of an EcoVillage in Coron we are currently designing for the local community of informal settlers; we are a team of Filipino and International consultants collaborating to make this possible. We are very concerned about the delicate ecosystem of Palawan, but also recognize that we need to help generate jobs for local community. Follow us on – we are still building the site so please bear with us.

  2. Yes, the project is completed.

    Unfortunately, Mrs Rosa does not allow anyone to get info or pictures of her house, unless paying her.

    BTW, In Coron is presently ongoing a new project, proposed by Andres Tamayo foundation, aiming to build 30sq-mt house, including solar panel for 300W, at cost of 150K PHP.

    I’ve been there, one house is already completed and 9 more on going.

  3. The Indiegogo crowdfunder happened 2 years ago according to the YT video writeup. And, it is no longer on Indiegogo, so we don’t know if she was successful or not. The roof looks like a cement finish.

  4. I hope the owners respond to this story. The roof looks unusual and am wondering what they’re doing. It looks like they’re building up the edges to capture roofwater. It’s better to have wide roof overhangs in rainy climates.

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