Los Tecnicos Earthbag Domes

Earthbag domes by Los Tecnicos
Earthbag domes by Los Tecnicos

“Areas: Ground level 19 square meters (204 square feet) floor area, Upper level 15.5 square meters (167 square feet) floor area

Primary Building Materials: Earthbags, cob renders, glass bottles.
Description: Los Tecnicos’ Earth bag buildings offer a quick, affordable and environmentally sustainable way of building, and result in spaces which are both comfortable and economical.

The Earth Bag Dome is constructed with courses of tube-like bags packed with rammed earth, and laid in a circular pattern. Each subsequent earth bag course reduces slightly in radius, forming a domed “beehive” shape. Natural renders of cob and lime-based cement are applied to the earth bags for final finishes. There is very little additional structure required for the earth bag construction due to the shape which evenly distributes loads, and the structural integrity of the earth itself.”

Los Tecnicos

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