Earthbag Dome Project in Thailand — 4 Comments

  1. My only worry is Thai people will attend one of these English camps, learn English, and then start listening to those that would tell them to eat Fast Food, become a slave to a Corporation, destroy their own environment, spend a fortune on mortgages, live in moldy flammable toxic houses, and all the rest of the bad habits many (most) English speaking people have developed over the years.

    What was that about “Improving” the Thai culture?

    Thankfully, not all of us are so irresponsible.

    I just hope that the Thai people are better at detecting who is trying to take advantage of them than most English speakers are.

    • The problems of Western culture are spreading worldwide. Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are skyrocketing in Thailand and now at almost epidemic proportions due in large part to Western foods. All within a relatively few short years. You’d think people would figure out what’s going on. Most of the older people are slim and healthy (those who grew up on and still eat traditional local foods), while younger people are becoming obese and getting all the degenerative chronic diseases. It’s not hard to figure out.

      Next time you’re at the supermarket take a look at what other people are buying. Most people it seems live on cupcakes, soda pop, candy, TV dinners, potato chips and other processed foods. No wonder people are sick.

  2. It’s really great to see people who work together to accomplish something that’s so beneficial to the local people. My hat’s off to all of these really great people. My thanks to “real” people who want to help mankind and not obliterate it. The planet needs more people like these.

  3. Tomorrow’s blog post will be a warning about building domes in rainy climates such as Thailand. Roofed structures are far more durable in these these situations. Unprotected domes are fine in the desert, but will likely fail before too long in rainy climates when water leaks through cracks in the plaster. If you’re set on building a dome then consider building a roofed dome. Our Projects page shows several roofed dome designs that look quite good.

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