Earthbag EcoRanchos — 16 Comments

  1. Owen saludos
    Estoy interesado en hacer mi casa de havitacion para mi y mi familia en altos de cerro azul en panama comunicate conmigo para para que empesemos la hobra es para mi un gusto saludarte

    Owen greetings
    I am interested in making my havitacion house for me and my family in highlands of blue hill in panama comunicate with me so that we start the hobra is for me a pleasure to greet you

  2. Hi,
    We are in Panama now visiting our land north of La Concepcion, Chiriqui Panama (May 2013). We are looking and earthbag building & other natural building and found the EcoRancho Project. We would like to visit before we leave Panama June 1 and see what they are doing there. Is there a way to e-mail Walter, who seems to be the one who provided updates on project?
    Thanks for your help.
    William Florian

  3. Hi Walter,

    I am in Chiriqui, 6 miles north of the Panamerican hiwy, just off the via Volcan. I am in an area where seeking building permits is loosely interpreted, but..I really feel this has great potential for so many of the people here who are i some cases living with plastic walls and roof.
    I am going to have to look up your area!
    So glad to know you have set a precedent with the building authority!!! I would love to know how you went about this.

    Thanks so much for your response!

    Claudia Armstrong

  4. Hello dogiam,
    Glad to see that there are others trying to work with earthbags in Panama. The project “EcoRanchos” is in Chorrera. Where are you located?
    Best regards.

  5. I live in Panama and am getting ready to add a room to my casita with earthbags. I would love to know more about Walter’s project, particularly where it is.
    I have wondered whether the building authority here would approve earthbag structures….
    This is really good news because I have hoped to inspire locals to use earthbags instead of cement block, tho the ways things are heading this may be decided for them.

    • I’ll send Walter your message. Normally, most people don’t disclose their address publicly because they don’t want hordes of unwanted visitors. But in this case they’re starting an ecohotel, so there’s a much better chance they will contact you.

  6. Great job, Walter. I love the EcoRancho design. Everything about this project is commendable — excellent workmanship, great design and willingness to share results with others. Hopefully Kelly will make a Project page on this at Good luck with your ecohotel.

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