6 thoughts on “Earthbag Exhibit in Costa Rica”

  1. Athena,

    I think you are onto the right track. I too am interested in building my home with earthbags. I would love to keep in touch with you. I feel the earthbag community in Costa Rica is not so great, so all of us who wish to do and who are doing this kind of project can share with each other, I think it would enhance our experiences. I wish I could help you with the whereabouts of the bags. If you find out, I would love to know. Where are you in Costa Rica? I am on the Caribbean side.

    Be well

  2. After many delays I am finally about to begin work on an earthbag project here in Costa Rica. Last hurdle…permits. I would love some interaction with anyone who has actually considered or completed an earthbag project here in Costa Rica. I plan on hiring out the actual labor to speed up the process but would welcome volunteers.

    There are several places in Costa Rica where bags can be purchased but I’ve yet to find gusseted (square bottomed) bags. Anyone seen these?


  3. Hi
    I regret so much I was out of San Jose when this exhibit happened. For the last 2 years I have been searching for a workshop in Costa Rica to learn more on earthbag techniques to apply in an unfinished project I need support in order to finish it. I am interested in following up on this event: do you know of any local persons in Costa Rica interested in applying this technique or other earthbag models? Thanks much for any useful contacts obtained before, during or after the exhibit. Cheers, Paulina


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