Earthbag houses for the Homeless in Hungary

We got an email from Shiva Traanman saying, “We are building EarthBag housing for people in Hungary who are in desperate need of proper housing. Families of 8 live here in houses without a roof and no floors! We are creating Earthbag houses for families with very low income in Hungary to have a decent home that’s 100 percent ECO and with low costs in maintenance. The local people here do not have any money and work a long day in the mines for 10 dollar only to feed their children. They live in old, wrecked homes. Their roof is leaking when it rains and so the wall becomes wet and freezes over in the winter. The walls break because of the frost and so do the windows and doors. Fixing these old rickety houses is a no go!”

You can read more about this project and help support the work at

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