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We just got a notice from the Earthbag Network Forum that “the downtime with our website has been fixed and we hope you’ll stop back. I’d like to thank the programmers who donated their time to fix the problem as our budget for the site is fitting for a website about low cost building methods! So stop back:

I encourage anyone interested in sharing information about earthabg building to join and participate in this forum. It is the only true forum about earthbag building that I know about, and active involvement is what keeps a forum alive.

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  1. I have a question.

    I have a friend that is building a small house as she goes. A concrete slab foundation has already been poured with plumbing. She was going to use cinderblock for the exterior walls, but I don’t like that idea for moisture problems and r value. Is it possible to do earth bag walls on an already existing slab?

    • Yes, it certainly is possible, especially if the concrete pad was created with a standard thickened edge foundation for the original intended construction.

    • Hello, I have a question, my wife is a little insecure about a 100% earthbag home. So, to compromise I suggested we have columns like a traditional home. But instead of putting brick in between the columns we put sand bags. Is this a good idea? Considering the sand bag wall will not be connected to the other sand bag walls? Perhaps , I can use rebar to connect them to the columns. That way it will be stronger. What do you guys think?

    • I don’t recommend this method. Spend timing carrying around full earthbags and you’ll come to appreciate filling bags in place on the wall. And instead of using a shovel to fill the bags, try using 2-gallon buckets and a bucket chute. This is all shown step by step in my YouTube videos, in various blog posts and in my Step by Step Earthbag Construction article:

      In addition, you need to have the right moisture content for maximum compaction. This is best achieved by sprinkling or misting your pile of soil just before filling bags.


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