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  1. I have a question.

    I have a friend that is building a small house as she goes. A concrete slab foundation has already been poured with plumbing. She was going to use cinderblock for the exterior walls, but I don’t like that idea for moisture problems and r value. Is it possible to do earth bag walls on an already existing slab?

    • Yes, it certainly is possible, especially if the concrete pad was created with a standard thickened edge foundation for the original intended construction.

    • Hello, I have a question, my wife is a little insecure about a 100% earthbag home. So, to compromise I suggested we have columns like a traditional home. But instead of putting brick in between the columns we put sand bags. Is this a good idea? Considering the sand bag wall will not be connected to the other sand bag walls? Perhaps , I can use rebar to connect them to the columns. That way it will be stronger. What do you guys think?

    • I don’t recommend this method. Spend timing carrying around full earthbags and you’ll come to appreciate filling bags in place on the wall. And instead of using a shovel to fill the bags, try using 2-gallon buckets and a bucket chute. This is all shown step by step in my YouTube videos, in various blog posts and in my Step by Step Earthbag Construction article:

      In addition, you need to have the right moisture content for maximum compaction. This is best achieved by sprinkling or misting your pile of soil just before filling bags.

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