Reinforced Earthbag Specifications — 10 Comments

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  3. So are the reinforcing bars are encased by the stucco?

    How often are the vertical bars used along the wall?

    Has any one built with these designs yet?

    If so is there any problem with the render cracking and exposing the reo bars? What about at the joint at the footing?

    Also is there problems with moisture transfer during wetter seasons? Are you relying on a membrane on the exterior to keep the wall dry?


    • The vertical spacing will be calculated by PSE Inc. engineers. It depends on the height of the structure, length between wall supports, shape of house, seismic risk, number of door and window openings, and so on.

      The rebar is encased in thick stucco. There shouldn’t be any moisture concerns with properly sized overhangs. There’s no membrane.

      The only way the plaster would crack is in an earthquake or possibly faulty plaster work.

      The first house is now in the planning stages.

  4. I’m so glad to see this kind of information in the public domain. I would be interested to hear your thoughts about the effectiveness circular or even domed earthbag buildings.

  5. I am very glad for this document! I think strait walled EB structures need this type of reinforcement to be structurally stable during a seismic event. I wonder why there are no specs for buttressing though. It seems like in impoverished places, well built buttressing is the most simple low cost method for adding strength in an earthbag wall. I know that a document such is this cannot be a one size fits all, but I have a sense that buttressing is an integral part of building safely.

    Thanks Nabil for your work!

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