Earthbag Newsletter — 3 Comments

  1. WAY TO GO!!!

    THANK YOU, Patti, and everyone. WHAT A GREAT NEWSLETTER! THis is such a powerful tool for Earthbag Awareness.

    YOO HOO!

    We are always amazed at how innately intelligent Mother Nature is. She SHAKES up the planet with all her might to wake us up, so that we may more quickly develop our natural homes and buildings which most truly nurture us AND HER. And we profoundly appreciate this quickened Forward Movement.

    Yes, everything is happening much more quickly. The International Building Codes much more quickly change now. More and more souls are taking responsibility for choosing and building Nurturing Sustainable Habitats and neighborhoods everywhere. Wow, what a time to be on this planet. What a ride for us all, indeed.

    We all look forward and move forward with grace and heightened awareness of our interconnectedness here on this spaceship circling the sun.

    Many heartfelt blessings,

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