Earthbag Wall Bracing Overview — 8 Comments

  1. We plan on building a round earthbag house… With three rooms all being 15′ interior and interlocking… Then covering it with soil on a rubble trench foundation…we r going to build the left and right side to 5′ and raise it as we get to the middle, should be 9′ at the center of the center circle to create our rounded earth roof…then lay on our 2×12 beams for our roof… What if any buttress do u recommend?

  2. This is interesting, how can I construct a house useing the long bags. Where will I get them in Cameroon.

  3. There is much info on the earthbagstructures website, but it has not been updated in several years. I drew the buttress detail, but would not recommend that barbed wire now. Weaving the barbed wire is so much stronger.
    Strength comes from a combination of size standards AND construction techniques.
    Please check out the just completed Earthbag Options for Nepal online at
    And see BSI’s simple visual building guides like Building EB Walls Better- we will be updating them soon, but can be found at follow the link on upper left.

  4. Hey,
    kindly mail me a video of an earth bag buttress wall details if you can for we at school in the village/Kenya can understand and implement.
    Thanking you in advance,

    • This is the best drawing that I have. They only have to be 24″ long:

      Buttresses are very simple. They are short earthbag walls which are perpendicular to long, straight walls. Some people call them piers. They act like a column to brace the long earthbag wall.

      Building process: Polypropylene tubes are easier and faster to work with than bags. The key step is to alternate courses of bags on the buttress and long wall to integrate the. Pound 1/2″ rebar down through the buttress for added strength. Remember to use barbed wire between courses of bags.

      Here’s another drawing that shows buttresses on a corner:

      It’s good to have buttresses on long straight walls and at corners, although I don’t think many projects in Nepal used corner buttresses.

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