Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative – Mass Ecosystem Restoration in a Time of Crisis

“This is a short video introducing the Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps. This is a self-organizing, direct action to train and deploy everyone to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change by restoring ecological function on a planetary scale.”

“This Facebook Group was created on July 11, 2016 to discuss how to create Ecosystem Restoration Camps. In December 2016 more than 7200 people have joined in this discussion here at the public page. The concept is a very ambitious plan to address arguably the largest challenge that humanity has ever faced.”

Membership application form at Google Docs

John D Liu- Global Ecosystem Restoration, The Great Work of Our Time, with Raleigh Latham and Neal Spackman from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

“John D Liu has made Ecosystem Restoration his life’s work. Over the past 30 years, he has documented large scale Ecosystem Restoration projects across the world, from China, to Austrialia, to Ethiopia. John D Liu’s work is so powerful because it shows a way forward for the future through Ecosystem Restoration. His message is not just about Carbon Sequestration, or Permaculture, but holistically addressing the great problems of the future together, through regenerating our Ecosystem.

In John’s documentaries, he has proven that thousands of miles of desert can be changed back into productive, green ecosystems when the political will and economic incentives are behind it. In this presentation, John will reveal his vision for his newest mission: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperatives.”

Vimeo: The Great Work of Our Time
Question and answer session
The Sustainable Design Masterclass
More on John D. Liu’s ideas on global ecosystem regeneration using earth restoration peace camps.
Thanks to Gail, a long time contributor who first brought this to my attention. Join the discussion on
I think John is doing great work and I’m really excited about the potential of this program. However, one concern is keeping big government and corrupt interests out of this program so it doesn’t turn into slave labor work camps. Note how the Rockefeller Foundation and Syngenta (genetically modified seeds) both contributed to the making of the second video above. This is a red flag for me. People have to work together horizontally with other people like John says and cut corrupt special interests out of the process. This includes working out how to protect the finished restored ecosystem from locals who may later try to plunder the area for personal gain.

For those who don’t understand the risks involved, please see our previous article about The Shelters That Clinton Built that documents how around $2 billion of donated Haiti reconstruction funds were misappropriated/squandered. Haiti would be a completely different place today if that money had been used wisely.

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  1. “… to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change …”

    Sounds like the authors think climate change really exists. If there is any “climate change” the only humans directly responsible would be the geo-engineering chem-trail spewing aircraft pilots.

    Btw, worldwide temperatures have been declining for many years, not increasing.


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