Expo in Qatar Features Rammed Earth

Last year’s International Horticultural Expo in Doha, Qatar, showcased the region’s environmental preservation and agricultural innovation.

Architecture practice BIG was inspired by the deep roots and intertwined branches of the local Ghaf Tree to create a dome-shaped labyrinth made out of rammed earth.

The structure frames a series of exhibition galleries and 32 gardens to create an immersive experience of the UAE’s diverse landscape, from desert to oasis and sea to mountains.

Meandering paths lead to an outdoor oasis.

Thematic gardens explore the power of plants as a source of food, health, and energy. By weaving together architecture and landscape the UAE Pavilion shares the story of humanity’s inseparable bonds with nature.

The roof structure is formed by wooden beams topped with palm leaves for shading, and limestone rocks are used to pave surfaces.

The landscaping and greenhouse include 65 species and 6,609 plants with edible plants, fruit trees, medicinal plants, a bee garden, flowers, spices, shrubs, grasses, industrial plants, and perennials.

The greenhouse is filled with fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, figs, and citrus fruits. Overall, BIG has selected the plants to highlight species that contribute to the UAE’s agricultural legacy, from past to present and future.

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