Modern Homesteading

The number of farms in the United States has been in decline for quite awhile, but some are turning to homesteading,  where property owners use home gardening, lumber production and other subsistence skills to take more control over their lives during uncertain times. The definition of a homestead varies. For the purists, it means living … Read more

An Abundant Food Forest in New Zealand

A lush edible oasis of forest garden is grown and lovingly tended by Garry and Ali Foster. Using no-dig, permaculture principles, Matahiwi Forest Garden celebrates balance, diversity and resilience. What was once a thin layer of riverbed silt is now a thriving ecosystem offering sustenance for several households. The Fosters strive to live in partnership … Read more

Winners of the Rammed Earth Pavilion Competition

A team of architects has won The Rammed Earth Pavilion competition with their greenhouse, which was built in the UK. Organized by Buildner, a leading architecture competition platform, participants were tasked with designing a temporary or permanent pavilion structure constructed of rammed earth material in a location of their choice. Hooke Garden was created by … Read more

Ecological Living In New Zealand

Joe Lyth and his family live in a passive house near Auckland, New Zealand, which is a big change from their former home in London. The ethos that made this architect design such an eco-friendly home for his own family applies to all aspects of their life. “We hardly ever buy anything new,” architect Joe … Read more

Legendary Permaculturalist Jerome Osentowski’s Future Uncertain

Jerome Osentowski, the founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is known the world over as a gardening guru. But now he is facing a challenge from a pest he never anticipated: zoning. Around Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, the legend is well-known: An eccentric old man living on Basalt Mountain had grown bananas at … Read more