Exterior Log Siding — 4 Comments

  1. How would you fix the siding to the exterior earthbags? And are the earthbags considered a vapor barrier to prevent sweating ect?

    • Probably the best way to attach the siding to an earthbag exterior would be to first install vertical strips of wood approximately every 18″ to 24″ and use these to attach the siding to. This is perhaps easiest done during construction of the earthbag wall by placing wire or twine either across the wall (if there is something similar on the inside to secure to the wall), or simply wrapping it around the bags and back out the course above. Doing this will allow the space between the bags and the siding to breathe like a rainscreen. Earthbag do not provide a vapor barrier and it is best for them to be able to breath as well.

    • There are different siding systems and fastening systems. It varies from brand to brand. The video shows one brand being toe nailed.

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