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  1. Vivo en Venezuela y nuestra situación en cuanto al agua potable es muy mala, por lo que he investigado la humedad que tenemos es ideal para cosechar agua del aire. Me gustaria conseguir el proyecto ideal que me guíe a conseguir hacer un prototipo, soy una simple ama de casa pero con mucha inventiva. Ahora mismo cosecho el agua de la lluvia y con ello he mejorado en un 60% mi vida el problema es para los meses de verano y me vendrìa muy bien este proyecto.
    Si alguien puede ayudarme, estare eternamente agradecida. Mi correo nancyperdomopalma AT

    I live in Venezuela and our situation regarding drinking water is very bad, so I have investigated the humidity we have is ideal for harvesting water from the air. I would like to get the ideal project that will guide me to make a prototype, I am a simple housewife but with a lot of inventiveness. Right now I harvest the rainwater and with it I have improved my life by 60%. The problem is for the summer months and this project would be very useful.
    If anyone can help me, I will be eternally grateful. My email nancyperdomopalma AT

  2. Im interested as well in these amazing technology. And I thought about installing this technology in many places other than drinking water such as: in Car (wind wiped tank and coloent tank). Also, using this technolgy in building me own water well in the middle of desert. In addition, installing one in home water tank so that I can save water bills.

    • You’ll have to do deeper research for the details. This blog post just scratches the surface as far as technicalities. It’s main purpose is to draw awareness to these concepts.

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  3. This is an interesting blog article…

    The effectiveness of extracting water from air is quite site-specific. The dew-point temperature of the air in relation to the soil temperature would be important for the AirDrop irrigation system operation. Learn more at the following links—

    Global Water-from-Air resource map:

    Water-from-Air Resource Charts for selected locations:

    • Yes, there are lots of standard, commercially available devices, and this may be the most practical solution for most. I tend to focus on low tech and unusual DIY alternatives.

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