Eyebrows on Domes — 4 Comments

  1. I looked at the photos but I’m still a little vague on the outcome. It looks like they pound rebar through the bags around the window, then attach other rebar to make an eyebrow form. But where does it go from there? Do they stack bags on that, or cover it in cob, or will they add chicken wire or lathe and plaster it, like ferrocement?

    • Yes, it’s the same as ferrocement. You pound in rebar (not clear through), add mesh and then plaster it. Expanded metal lath is the best type of mesh, although you could use dirt cheap substitutes like chicken wire, woven poly vegetable bags, etc. For larger overhangs, you could build it up in layers. You could do something similar in cob, but it wouldn’t be as durable. And just to be clear, there are no bags on top.

  2. I am planning on building an eco dome, so far I have “How to Build an emergency shelter” and “earthbag Building” as well as several others on cob and green home building. I am looking (now) for greater detail such as descriptions for building door and window frames as well as measurements for eyebrows, and floor plans or other details. Any help on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

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