Floating Roof on a Greek Island

Most often I don’t appreciate modern architecture, finding it too boxy, but this house is rather striking.  Kapsimalis Architects, who designed the Vineyard House on the Greek island of Santorini,  imagined a residential space that fit into its natural surroundings and offered an unbroken view of the landscape.

The substantial roof is made of rammed earth while the ground floor is composed of mirrored glazing, making the roof appear to float 3.2 meters high. By reflecting the surroundings, the architects hope that the ground floor leaves the natural environment unhindered, giving the impression of an endless expanse of nature.

Behind the mirrored glass you’ll find an open-plan social, dining and kitchen space as well as a master bedroom and bathroom.  Within the illusory building, the color palette matches the natural context, maintaining the concept of continuity in the property.

A verdant garden grows from the raw earth roof, creating the surreal image of a piece of land lifted from the ground, floating for all to inspect.

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