Foamglas Blocks, Gravel and Insulation Board — 13 Comments

  1. If someone has “foamglass gravel”, it would be very helpful to make a kind of “water drop test”. Because it might be that foamglass also sucks up water. Just put a drop of water on it and see wheter it disappears in the material.

    • The Foamglass website says their brand does not soak up water. Not sure of other brands. They emphasize this point over and over. Water will stick to the surface but not soak in because the cells are closed.

  2. Leca / expanded clay is not really waterproof. One of its applications is usage in hydrocultures ( In Germany hydrocultures are quite common in offices, you water it maybe once every two weeks and monitor the water level with a level indicator. Leca sucks up the water and releases it over the time. Leca is definitly more natural than Foamglas but its capability to store water makes me a little bit unsure.
    Example for usage in offices:
    Example for private usage:
    (Sorry, both pages are in German but the pictures tell the story…)

    • Thanks, Juergen. So you have to be careful how you use expanded clay. It would be fine in earthbags if lower courses are gravel bags, etc.

  3. Until now I always was for expanded clay like Leca, but I might get expanded glass gravel a try. Depending what’s availabe for a better price…

  4. I very much like this product. Reusing glass, waterproof and won’t break down is great and it’s insulation ability is very good. Is there anyone who manufactures this in the U.S.

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