Good Earth Nepal is now Good Earth Global

Nepal recently became the first country on Earth to officially recommend and approve of Earthbag technology. Our Earthbag designs have been published in the federal government’s official Reconstruction Catalog and ordinary Nepali families can now build their own Earthbag homes, with government rebuilding aid. With these developments Nepal has emerged as a world leader in sustainable building for the masses.

We now seek to export these breakthroughs to other developing countries, and with this new challenge are changing our name from Good Earth Nepal to Good Earth Global.

As reflected in our current project roster Good Earth Global’s commitment to assisting Nepalis most in need is stronger than ever, and we thank the Nepali people for providing us and those around the world with enlightened leadership and renewed hope for a safer, cleaner planet.

Good Earth Global
Summary of completed earthbag projects
Please support all the smaller NGOs in Nepal that are doing great work. They get way more accomplished per dollar of donations than huge NGOs. Most of them can be found simply by searching this blog for keyword Nepal.

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  1. I am currently working on a post-earthquake project in Hueyapan, Morelos, central rural Mexico. I joined forces with a small local NGO called Centro de Encuentros y Dialogos that have the social network here in town. I am building-training local people. We are building a 50 m2 house for a family in need who lost their house during the september earthquake.

    I am postting it here because I ofen quote the Nepali efforts (good Earth Nepal) and I am using the Nepali case to support my presentations (pitch) as an example of the benefits of earthbag technology for the post-disaster work we are doing here.

    We welcome volunteers who are willing to help out. We are open to all prospects but preffer mid-longh term commitments. Simple room and board provided by local people. If interested pls. contact me via whatsapp 722 22 95 152.

    Since my internet time is very limited, My website, is not updated with this new project, but you can visit “Tierra Madre Hueyapan” on facebook and get a glimpse of the stuff we are doing.

    As always, Thank you Owen for all your work.

  2. What wonderful news!
    Congratulations on helping to change lives and perceptions at the local, regional and now, hopefully, global level. Incredible achievement!

    • They have been one of the most effective promoters of earthbag building, and they’re a great group to work with. By the way, they offer low cost earthbag workshops in Nepal. You attend classes and then help on actual projects to gain hands-on experience.


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