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  1. I want to build a small (approx. 500 sq.ft.) eco friendly house on a small lot in Haiti. I already have a small food garden on the lot and would like to build around it. For some reason I have the feeling this type of homes are not expensive because I don’t have money, and that’s the reason I am looking at this concept to rebuild my family home after the quake. I could later on expend the construction with an addition of an art center/retreat if the Not For Profit organization I coordinate can raise the funds for it. I can’t handle this project alone. I will need help from a group of experienced volunteers to put it together with me once we are in Haiti. That’s in addition to locals who will be hired to work. Is it possible to recruit a group here to help me with this project? And how much money does a small 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, living/dining room will cost? An estimated figure will be helpful in determining if such construction is for me or if I should consider cheaper methods. I will appreciate a response very much.
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