Helical Earthbag Shelter — 2 Comments

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I’m an architecture student at Politecnico di
    Milano, in Italy, and i’m taking an experimental doctoral thesis,

    about the “Emergency Shelter”.
    I’m having a lot of researches,
    focusing on prefabricated shelters, not only with a living use, but

    also an educational, medical and supportal use.
    I contacted also other
    studies and organizations, and they proved themselves very willing.

    I’m contacting you because I’d need to know some concrete
    about your projects.
    I’d need to Know
    how much they costed, how many units have been built,the main building
    materials, and where they’ve been used.
    I can’t find a lots of
    informations on internet or on books here in Italy.
    If possible, i’d
    need also some warking drawnings, for represent in the best way this

    I’d like to bring your project as the main case study of my
    whole thesis.

    I thank you in advance.
    Your help would be really

    fondamental for my researches.

    Best regards.

    Valentina Cassader

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