Earthbag Instructable — 3 Comments

  1. Now if I could just convince my kids that filling all those bags with dirt is “Happy Happy Fun-time”! :)

    I like the instructable. Beyond being a good project post, it’ll be seen by legions that might not otherwise…

    And it’ll plant a seed in the back of their tiny little brains…

    Muwahahah! ;)

    I can imagine this getting picked up by school teachers to do a “class project.” How cool is that?

    Good Job, Owen!

    • Glad you liked the Instructable. I really like their format/page layout.

      As far as training the kids, buy them toy shovels and buckets when they’re little. They’ll have a blast making sandcastles, roads for their toy trucks, etc. Then get them bigger ‘toys’ every year. My girlfriend bought me a new shovel for my birthday and I love it.

      • Um…

        Based on that timeline, I’ll be dead about six years too early.

        I’ve survived wars, famine, floods, pestilence and even blow-hards. And I’m probably going to meet my maker at the hands of a three year old terrorist.

        Who says G_d doesn’t have a sense of humor? ;)

        Enjoy the shovel.

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