Earthbag Instructable

Earthbag Instructable
Earthbag Instructable

I’ve created a page at Step-by-Step Earthbag Building. They have lots of good information there on many different topics. My Instructable is based on my previous article at called Step-by-Step Earthbag Construction. But I changed things around a bit. See what you think. I’m always looking for ways to simplify and clarify the process. This is especially important because these two sites explain the essential steps for building with bags. Which one do you like best?

3 thoughts on “Earthbag Instructable”

  1. Now if I could just convince my kids that filling all those bags with dirt is “Happy Happy Fun-time”! :)

    I like the instructable. Beyond being a good project post, it’ll be seen by legions that might not otherwise…

    And it’ll plant a seed in the back of their tiny little brains…

    Muwahahah! ;)

    I can imagine this getting picked up by school teachers to do a “class project.” How cool is that?

    Good Job, Owen!

    • Glad you liked the Instructable. I really like their format/page layout.

      As far as training the kids, buy them toy shovels and buckets when they’re little. They’ll have a blast making sandcastles, roads for their toy trucks, etc. Then get them bigger ‘toys’ every year. My girlfriend bought me a new shovel for my birthday and I love it.

      • Um…

        Based on that timeline, I’ll be dead about six years too early.

        I’ve survived wars, famine, floods, pestilence and even blow-hards. And I’m probably going to meet my maker at the hands of a three year old terrorist.

        Who says G_d doesn’t have a sense of humor? ;)

        Enjoy the shovel.


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