Hemp Construction Materials — 1 Comment

  1. Greetings,
    i am a Farmer in southern iowa.  Soon we will be growing hemp and I dream of growing my own dome home from my own ground.i think hemp is now being formed into 2×4” sticks, laminated trusses, etc. but then there’s the skin.

    Somewhere I saw a dome made from 4×8’ sheets of plywood warped into a dome shape.  I think they were overlapping and diagonal to each other and to keep a gentle curve the dome may have had a 32’ diameter. Would it be possible to mold an OSB, Ground Wood fiber board, on site, curved to be relevant to the desired dome?  I see cannabis pith is being used for insulation.  Would it be possible to from an inner shell, cover it with insulation, then cover it with an outer shell.  Other than pine pitch I can’t figure out how to grow my own glue.

    it seems if it could be demonstrated that you can grow your own shelter, using simple building methods, and purchasing only a mininmum of materials it would be both a green and economical plan which could possibly be helpful to the exploding population of houseless people.
    Best wishes for your well being, 

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