Indian Architect Designs Ecological Buildings

Wallmakers founder, Vinu Daniel, is a “nomadic” Indian architect who was commended for eliciting an “energy, creativity and willingness to take risks while achieving sustainable buildings that exist harmoniously within the landscapes and ecologies in which they are erected.”

Wallmakers work has been at the leading edge of carbon offsetting in design and construction, typically working with a palette of locally-sourced and recycled products to deliver community-oriented projects. His work engages with issues raised by the climate emergency with a creative energy and urgency. Vinu Daniel began work at Wallmakers after coming to a point where he had all but rejected architectural practice as it was being taught.

Daniel said. “The world has taken a pause from fast development and destruction to look in a new direction. I hope this encourages other institutions to promote the work of the thousands of young artists and architects who struggle daily to promote their cause.”

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