Instructable: Insulated Bamboo Walls

Prototype of an insulated bamboo wall
Prototype of an insulated bamboo wall

This Instructable describes an innovative way to build walls using bamboo or wood saplings and bags of insulation. We’ll be using bamboo for this Instructable since it is rapidly renewable, low cost and readily available in many parts of the world. Let’s start with some background information to better understand what is involved.

People often wonder how to build interior walls on earthbag and strawbale homes, which are about 18” wide once plastered. These building methods create strong, stable walls that are ideal for exterior walls, but they take up too much space for interior walls.

There are numerous ways to build interior walls. The most common method — wood framed walls — has numerous drawbacks. Lumber is expensive and, at least in the U.S., is often harvested from unsustainable sources that devastate forests and then shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles. Awareness of this issue is creating a growing demand for more sustainable and lower cost alternatives. (Plus, a lot of the wood being sold nowadays warps and twists badly.)

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