Konbit Shelter Houses

Earthquake resistant earthbag house in Barriere Jeudi, Haiti
Earthquake resistant earthbag house in Barriere Jeudi, Haiti

“In the summer of 2010, Konbit Shelter partnered with the Mango Grower’s Association of Leogane, in the village of Bigones, Barrier Jeudi, to create a multi room community center. We returned in December to construct a one family house. By sourcing all materials within Haiti, and raising money to hire a crew of builders from the community, we are able to bring the kind of assistance that promotes the local economy, creates jobs, and builds valuable skill sets.

We are in the process of developing a long term building initiative, which, for each house will bring together one artist, one architect, and one family, to imagine and construct a home. We hope to continue to build a relationship with the people of Bigones, and to form a larger link between the creative community that we are a part of, and this rural community in need of housing. Through creative partnerships, we are seeking to participate in the rebuilding of Haiti in a way that acknowledges the importance of soulfulness and beauty in people’s daily lives.

The definition of Konbit in Creole is a traditional form of cooperative communal labor in Haiti, whereby the able-bodied folk of a locality help each other prepare their fields. It is a time for solidarity and cooperation in the face of adversity. Konbit Shelter is referencing the word with a global interpretation, people coming together to work cooperatively across national boundaries.”

Source: Konbit Shelter
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