Konbit Shelter: Call for Volunteers

Konbit Shelter project in Haiti is nearly complete
Konbit Shelter project in Haiti is nearly complete

Here’s an update from the Konbit Shelter group who’s finishing their dome in Haiti. Way to go team! Now they’re calling for volunteers to finish a prototype in Pennsylvania (see details below).

“Moses, Craig, and myself left Haiti about a week and a half ago. The final week there was so frantic and felt so successful that when it was time to go catch our flights, none of us were ready. We were no longer needed essentially, but the dome had become our baby. It was hard to let go. We woke up early as usual on that final day, and drove to the dome to say our farewells.

Ducken had already talked with us the day before and knew everything that he and the others needed to accomplish in our absence, but we tarried at the site a while longer anyway. We took some final photos, looking one more time at the beautiful wind scoops, the stone steps, the intricately carved doors, the windows and awnings. Had we stayed much longer our flight would have left without us, so we shook hands and gave hugs with the people who had influenced us so deeply. Then we drove away. By now Monique and the kids are living in the house and the builders have moved on to their normal occupations.

I have tried to write this blog post every day since leaving. After confronting Miami International Airport and then my home city (San Francisco), I come up short on words to describe the whole experience. There were such beautiful moments; so many incredible people thriving in a culture that welds friend to family. I had arrived with the intention of teaching and sharing my skills, and now return to find that I know nothing about living. I had known nothing about living, but Barrier Jeudi, Dufort, Ducken, Jean-Gardie, Guypson, and everyone on the Konbit Shelter team helped to enlighten me to the vast possibilities in life.
Please share your interest in Konbit Shelter with the world around you so that we may all learn more about what Haiti has to offer.”

Call for volunteers:
From July 6th until August 5th we will be in Braddock, PA completing an earthbag structure begun last summer (current state of the dome). It is a 16ft diameter cement stabilized dome that will be finished with cement plaster. We are looking for labor who are ready learn the process of dome building: prefer at least a two week work commitment. Housing and most meals provided for your hard work.

Contact KT Tierney for details tierney.kt@gmail.com

Konbit Shelter Blog

Earthbag Building project page about their new dome.

Kelly made a new Project page.

[Note: They’re interested in using geopolymer instead of cement for future domes.]

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  1. hey my names david me and my budy javi have been intrestead in earthbag building and have been researching ways of building we would love to help my friend is a handy man, im a veteran would love to hear from u pleease email me at email, or FB it


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