La Chispa Earthbag Dome — 9 Comments

    • For basic information like this search our main site at Earthbag We have thousands of pages of free information.

      Here’s the direct link to the best article that answers your question:

      Always do some simple earthbag tests because every soil is a little different. I show some of these tests on my YouTube channel:

    • There are free plans on our websites. I had some at and Kelly Hart has some at Earthbag You can also buy Doni and Kaki’s earthbag book.

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    • The US Dept. of Transportation uses polypropylene bags on highway retainment projects and they did a study on the durability. They concluded polypropylene in benign environments out of sunlight (ex: underground or protected with plaster) can last 500 years or more. Search our blog for details. The report is available online.

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