4-people.org Dome

4-people.org earthbag dome
4-people.org earthbag dome

“Last week was full of great events and hard work. The second phase has begun construction of the bedroom and begin to delineate which are the parts of the building: rooms, bathrooms, showers.

As regards the Dome, we are building the mezzanine floor, the rooms and we have hired three beautiful ladies to make the external finish of the structure.
The days passed very quickly and happily thanks to the presence of Ciardes and Mick left us yesterday, much to his regret, promising to return soon to reunite with the children of Bala.

To end the week with joy, we organized a concert on Saturday night for guests and employees of the orphanage. The evening was a success. The children have spent a couple of songs and dances of Kenyans and we played songs like “Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door,” “Stairway to Heaven” and “One.” Of these, the first seems to have been the favorite of all, from that night, he often heard the children singing the chorus of the song that has really succeeded! Now back to work and we are with you next week when we have new volunteers who come from Italy to work with the project!”

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