Lightweight, Insulating Geopolymer Earthbags Part 1 — 5 Comments

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  2. How long does the geopolymer take to become stone?
    Owen: Depends on the recipe. The high dollar Pyrament type products are rapid set in a few hours. Layman’s recipes like ours take days, although they start hardening almost right away.
    Would geopolymer work in the Hyperadobe tubes/bags?
    Owen: It could, but again it depends on what materials you’re using. You’d have to use the slower Davidouvits method where the materials are first soaked in a pit. Work out your geopolymer mix before ordering bags.
    Would one layer of geopolymer bond to another even if one layer is already stone?
    Owen: It could. In one of my blog posts I suggested forming a keyway down the center to help join courses. You could think along these lines and maybe improve the idea further (embed nails, etc.).
    Would that bond be prone to cracking?
    Owen: Not sure. However, there would probably be less cracking if you kept building courses steadily with no long delays between courses. That way each course is approximately the same as the previous one. Tamp the walls flat to reduce plaster work. Then use a putty knife to fill the recesses between courses with the same geopolymer.
    Could you make CEBs and let them harden as the wall is being built? Do you think you could get away with out using mortar?
    Owen: That’s what I proposed on my $300 CEB house. But this is a new idea that hasn’t been tested yet. It assumes the slower Davidouvits method. It should work though. Note the CEBs used in my design. They interlock without mortar. This is quite common.

    I guess you could use geopolymer as mortar…

  3. I’m really looking forward to hearing how the first brave soul fares with their geopolymer earthbags. We’re really excited about the possibilities of GP as a potential replacement for Portland cement where permanence is a desirable trait.


    • I think there’s unlimited potential. But there’s a learning curve to everything and that takes time and effort. I’m going to approach a local university soon and see if they’ll do the testing.

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