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  1. On the use of the card board flats I mentioned. The inside would be layered in plastic. As in plastic you put down when you’re going to do a pour of concrete for a floor. The plastic could be cut to size and as the flat naturally falls apart you’d have the plastic for the bottom of the plants and it would help protect the roof as well. It would be covered and never seen.

  2. This is a wonderful roofing idea. The soil and the greenery on the roof will make the inside of the house cooler, which in turn will make it energy efficient because of a lesser need for air conditioning. This also makes the home eco-friendly and fresh. Of course, that little garden on top enhances the beauty of any home.

    • Good points. They sure look good. You could replace a tray of plants if necessary. They’d buffer loud noises like airplanes and driving rain.

  3. The flats I referred to is like a plastic tray but they’re made of card board and they have 4 6 packs of soda or beer in each one. Today, they push them in on a hand cart stacked on top of each other. You must remember these from when you were a kid? Today they sale them in 12 and 24 cans a carton plus another couple odd counts but, they still sale the 6 packs. Remember now? They sell bottled beer which is a different box altogether but, the cans are still sold in 6 packs and stacked are in those flats the same way. The reason I mentioned the flats was “if” you could use them and if you had a greenhouse, you could start seed in those and transfer the grass or other plants when it was better weather. Just tossing the idea around.

    • The cardboard would soon get soaked and fall apart. Plastic trays allow you to grow the plants in a greenhouse, etc. and then transfer them to the roof.

  4. I wonder if you could use soda and beer flats with plastic on the bottom and just let the boxes break down on their own? I ask assuming you can’t buy what they use.

    • Not sure what you mean since I don’t buy soda or beer. Every nursery/landscape/gardem supplier sells plastic trays to hold small plastic pots. These could be improvised to work.

  5. I’ve seen people install plastic trays of plants on their roof. LiveRoof takes this basic idea to a whole new level. Very interesting.

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