Living in the Future: a new film on low impact homes

“Living in the Future is an Undercurrents series about Ecovillages – community and low impact living. We explore people creating sustainable lives across the World. We show the people growing their own food, building their own homes and learning to be self sufficient in preparation for peak oil and climate change.

Living in the Future tells the story of pioneering eco-village communities in the UK. The documentary tells the tale of nine families as they create beautiful natural homes and plentiful gardens in Wales, against a backdrop of local hostility and legal challenges. Transition Leicester will be showing the film as part of a simultaneous premiere at venues across the UK on January 22nd 2013.”

Episode 16: That Roundhouse

Can’t attend the premiere showing? Watch 45 episodes online for free at Living in the Future.
Transition Leicester
Living in the Future on Blip TV

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