Low Cost Twig Stoves

Don’t want to buy and carry fuel for your camping stove? No problem. These affordable twig stoves burn whatever is available – twigs, branches, pine cones, pine needles, wood chips, wood shavings, plant stalks, grass, dung, leaves, paper, cardboard or any other type of biomass. They only need a handful or so of fuel to boil a pot of water. That amount is easy to find even in most deserts. Twig stoves cook faster, produce less smoke and typically pose less of a fire risk than camp fires on the ground.

From Blade Forums.com: “Why not build a small fire on the ground? A small fire with most of its heat concentrated on a single point, the bottom of your pot, is much more efficient than an open fire which radiates heat in all directions. That means less fuel is needed to boil water and cook, less time spent foraging for firewood, and the added bonus of not leaving much behind.”

“Electric grids go down, gas lines are shut off, propane runs out, and even firewood becomes scarce. The Emberlit Stove is designed to use debris and scrap wood which are always free and abundant. This is especially useful during prolonged utility outages after natural or social disasters. A lightweight, compact, wood burning camp stove that doesn’t require you carry any fuel. It packs completely flat, weighs 11.3 oz, and completely made in the USA from stainless steel.”

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