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  1. Owen, it would be nice to find a land with existing trailer house and septic. But what if just a land without any house on it. Do you think it would be possible to build a temporary shelter in areas near Crestone (to live there while you building your house) without running into problems with Property Owner’s association?

    • It depends where you live. There are places outside the city with very few rules. This has a downside though. There are people living like hobos in old trailers and shacks. You may not want to live near people like that. There’s definitely a risk involved. Also, some of the cheapest land is out on the wind swept prairie. It gets super cold out there. And windy. The Great Sand Dunes park is just down the road. The same strong winds that created the dunes will also be blowing against your house. A superinsulated roundhouse makes the most sense to me in this region.

  2. I heard exactly that from about a dozen of the real estate agents I contacted. The other hundred or so didn’t even reply with anything but spam for 100k homes.

    They don’t have any interest in selling you a $5k lot, they want to get you to sign for $200k and up.

    Crestone in particular has road signs on the way to Alamosa that say “WE HAVE BUILDING CODES – NO BUILDING WITHOUT COUNTY PERMIT” as you drive. Big, metal signs. WTF?

    I would recommend land west of Wiliams, Arizona. That is where I am staking my claim to build. I got my 2.2 acres for a little over $1600, in the middle of no and where. 5000 feet elevation, temperate climate. Same building codes as Crestone, no effete signs.

    Just sayin.

    • You know it cracks me up about those signs. I noticed a bunch of literature at the building depts in both Navajo and Apache counties warning about building without a permit. Yet when I was out looking at property, there were shacks, falling apart trailers, buses and assorted other structures and vehicles people were living in. There were even tents. I am guessing so long as someone doesn’t make a complaint, they pretty much ignore you. Some of those more rural counties are pressed for funding. They just don’t have the resources to drive around and check to see if someone is building without a permit.

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