Majors Way Sustainable Living Program

This is our LAST EARTHBAG HOME TOUR of the year Nov. 5 at 9:30-11:00am, 12711 Ventris Rd., Garfield, Arkansas! Come see our earthbag home, cordwood chicken house, learn tips on how to live a more sustainable life in these tough times! Topics: filling bags, materials, adobe walls, dehydrating foods, homemade toothpaste & deodorant, mosaics, permits, rock-laying, energy plans, & much more! $7/adults, kids under 12 FREE! email or call 479-409-9115

Tour Earthbag Dome Home, Organic Garden, & Cordwood Chicken House
Location: 12711 Ventris Road, Garfield, Arkansas
Dates: Sat. Nov 5, 2011
Time: 9:30am-11:00am
Cost: $7/adult, kids under 12 free!
Reserve your space! 479-409-9115 or

Paul and Lisa Majors earthbag dome home in Arkansas
Paul and Lisa Majors earthbag dome home in Arkansas

6 thoughts on “Majors Way Sustainable Living Program”

  1. Ive been looking try your videos and love what I see. My husband and I are moving to eureka or sorronding area in a fees weeks and we want to look into doing the same or a cob house what kinda stall ups did you have how much land do yell have! Did y’all wind up having to put in a septic tank?

  2. Loved the podcast show with Jack Spriko. Thanks for all that you share with us on living a more sustainable life.. My husband and I are taking baby steps in the same direction. ( I am nudging him )..I have always grown tomatoes and peppers in a small garden, but this year I will attempt to grow a half acer with more variety. Hopfully I will grow enough to do some freezing and canning this year..Don’t know that I will ever go as far as building an earth bag home but I love the concept. Maybe an out building or guest house would be in order for the future.. Never know.. Anyway thanks again, Tina Rankin

  3. I should do this with ISBU Homes… It could lead to more understanding… and even a few more families “safely tucked away”…

    Actually, we’ve considered this carefully. It made our Property Insurance guy nuts. Lots of liability.

    I gotta ask though. It appears that the home is still under construction? How much of a deterrent to progress are all the “looky-loos”?

    Good for them.


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