Making Better Buildings — 4 Comments

  1. I looked on Amazon and found a pretty lengthy review of the book. Basically, the reviewer praises the thoroughness of the author in laying out all the various options one has for building “green” (and some not-so-green methods). He lists pros and cons and is fairly unbiased in his pointing out of faults and strengths. The book is not so much a how-to book, but it is instead a list of things that a builder or potential builder will have to do and the options on getting those things done, material and method-wise.

    I would recommend you read the review on Amazon, because I’m probably not giving as good of a summary of the review as you need/want.

  2. My wife and I are wanting to build a new home. Our last three children are not far from leaving the nest and we would like to build a low maintenance, an energy efficient home to live out our lives in. We have been slowly learning about different sustainable technologies. This book looks like it can answer many of our questions. Has anyone reviewed the book? I don’t want a book that brings more questions to the surface before the questions I want answered get answered. It that old saying “milk before meat”. Sometimes meat is served before the milk is digested and ones stomach gets upset. Any reviews out there?

    • All I know for sure is Chris Magwood is very professional. His other books are very good, and he’s been extremely successful teaching natural building in Canada.

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