Millions of Americans Are ‘Squatting’ in Own Homes — 3 Comments

  1. A interesting idea is converting little metal storage shed. One benefit is that one can be assembled in a day. I have consider that or your hay house for first stage on desert property. Your website is always an enlightenment to me and I’m sure many others. Thanks

    • Metal storage sheds could work, but without insulation would be terribly hot or terribly cold depending on the climate. Also note, we’re trying to keep each structure below $300, preferably below $200 and some below $100.

      We propose building in stages: 1. tent in a tent with possible additional wind barrier, 2. three sided outdoor shelter made with posts and pallets and covered with tarps (provides shade and wind break for outdoor cooking and relaxation), 3. more permanent shelter made with earthbags

      For some interesting insights, check out Phil Garlington’s site about living cheaply in the desert.

  2. News like this has compelled me to design a series of shelters to house the homeless. The proposed shelters are small and simple — about 80 sq. ft. or the size of a tent or teepee. They’re somewhere between a survival shelter and tiny house in size and concept. Coming soon in a free PDF.

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