Mobile Housing Can Circumvent Codes Legally

Restrictive building codes are forcing people to look for alternative housing. Building a portable trailer is one of the best tricks for bypassing building codes legally. No permanent foundation and no utility hookups typically mean very few codes. There’s a wealth of free information on trailer houses and tiny houses on the Internet.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be tiny. Here’s one example using straw bales or earthbags filled with lightweight insulation such as lava rock or perlite: Double Wide

It’s not difficult to set up a DC power system and live off grid if you’re willing to cut out energy wasters and make some basic lifestyle changes. Laptop computers, LED lights and compact fluorescents use very little electricity. Set up a solar shower, composting toilet, etc. to simplify your life.

Where can you put your trailer? I recommend networking with people in a rural area you’d like to live in. The souring economy is forcing many people to consider additional ways of making money. You may be able to make a deal with a farmer, for instance, who allows you to park your trailer on their farm. Or maybe make a trade with an elderly person who needs an extra hand. You could make offers through Craigs List, Woofer sites, post office and restaurant bulletin boards, etc.

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