More Earthbag Houses in Pakistan — 9 Comments

  1. When you said you switched from 6% to 3% sand at 18 inches, was that at the top of the 18 inch trench or 18 inches above ground? Has it prevented a flood since its construction? I am going to build a earthbag house in a flood prone tropical area of Costa Rica as a “model project” to promote sustainable building and this looks like a solid idea.

  2. Hey Owen,
    My wife and wanted have some money we would like to donate to help pakistani flood victims, but we always want like to make sure money gets where it is needed. This seems like a great project in a place where it is much needed. Do you know if this guy works for any organizations or has a website or email to contact him? Thanks,
    J & S Sullivan

      • Hi Owen,

        Found this post while searching for any examples of earth bag homes in Pakistan as we’re planning a similar project, any chance you could provide me the organization who built these? I realize it’s been several years….but would love to find out more about this process.


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