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  1. HI.
    How are you?Iam Hamed Almazloom from Iraq I live in sydney Australia .I need to buy this machine for automatic press bricks machine or compressed earth blocks(CEBS) tell me about the a good price for all equipment of the this plant
    With my greeting and best wishes to all
    thank you so mach

  2. Dear Sir,
    i try to buy it from some companies in Thailand but they said i have to come to learn.i and my friends no time to go thir. we need only construction design we can pay for it.
    we are planning for 3rd.World a small NGO project to help them.


    • Like I said, you can’t buy their plans. They don’t won’t people to copy it. The only plans for sale on the Internet are lower quality designs, although they would still work for many years. Keep looking for other brands. CEB machines are sold all over the world. I would only make one as a last resort.

  3. Well, a Thai guy told me the wider the walls the better isolation you get from heat, especially here in southeast asian countries. Certainly if I build with double width walls its going to be more expensive. I just wonder if this CEBs are good enough to keep the rooms cooler than by using single brick walls. I don’t have experience with CEBs yet as you can see.
    By the way, I am making my own press machine. It is going to be similar to the Fernco CEB press shown in an image above, but it is my own design. To make one like that one is much cheaper than buy it ready made, you just need to fine a good metal-mechanic workshop that follow the instructions properly. If I get my own CEBs as I expected I will let you all know here.

    • What that guy told you is true. But it comes down to a matter of how much are you willing to spend. Remember you’d be doubling the materials, doubling the foundation, doubling the labor… I would rather spend my money on wide roof overhangs or wrap-around porches so less (or no) sun hits the walls. Use lots of windows for good cross ventilation. Use high sloped ceilings with roof vents. Use plantings around the house, etc. etc. We list dozens of low cost/low tech methods like these to keep houses cool in hot climates. Search our blog for “passive cooling strategies” on a major search engine. (Our search engine is bogging down and producing lukewarm results.)

  4. Hi Geiger
    It is true there are some cebs plans online, however, they’re not as good as these machines.
    how can i get a good one as PDF


    • I agree. You can’t get plans for the best machines. You have to buy the machines already made. They’re reasonably priced, and the best ones can last 100 years in my opinion. The main challenge is one of access — deciding which one to buy, translation/language difficulty between countries, shipping, etc.

  5. Hello there

    I have a small land and my project is to build a small two stories house in it. Using compressed earth bricks like these sounds nice and green to me and at the same time more economical. However, what advise could you give me to build this house? Should I put reinforced concrete columns in order to support the load of the slab and the second floor, or should I refill the brick’s holes with concrete and mild steel rod to do the trick?
    Also, should I use single brick width walls or double brick width walls?


    • You can use both methods — infill with CEBs between a post and beam frame or add rebar and cement grout in the holes. It mostly depends on what look you’re after. Concrete post and beam (confined masonry) is stronger but more expensive. No need for double wythe walls in most cases. This is mostly done in cold climates.

  6. Hi, I am very interested this machine,if someone help me or can tell me where and how much can I buy only contstration design this Manual ceb machine fo our small NG0s project I would greatly appreciate it and Good blessings you.


  7. How can I get information about startop. I have written the company but no response. I need the machine badly for my home construction. Your lead will help. Thanks

    • The problem is their lack of English skill. You need to find an English speaker in Thailand who also knows Thai.

      If you can’t find someone, send me an email. My address is at the top of the page.

  8. Dear Sir
    How are you doing
    We are looking for brick production line of soil
    We provide our clay or soil, of course, prefer the soil?
    What do you advise that confuse with the soil in order to be a very strong product bricks bear the weather conditions if it is rainy or cold or hot or moisture, etc..?
    Also bear the weight of the roof? We are building system we have Concrete roof directly above the bricks?
    We also want colorful decorative bricks outside of the buildings.
    Does the product need bricks to spray water – how much time needed until used in construction

    Size bricks

    Standard Break 240 × 115 × 53

    Hollow brick 240 × 115 × 90

    Hollow Brick 240 × 190 × 90

    Hollow Breaks 400 × 200 × 150

    With best wishes to you
    Burhan Alani
    Mob- 00971502667452

    • There are many types of soil — hundreds or maybe thousands. You have to learn what works best in your area through experimenting, talking to brick companies, engineers, universities, etc. Take notes! Good luck.

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