Mortage-free Property

This wonderful idea is from Canadian Dirtbags, one of my favorite earthbag blogs.

“Don’t have the money to buy land? Consider ‘borrowing’ a patch of land before you lock into a mortgage that will have you working to pay it off for who knows how many years.

We met a gentleman last year who has been borrowing land for about forty-five years. Hasn’t owned land since he landed in the U.S., has never paid rent, and has never been without a home. Instead, he approaches a landowner and offers to build a home on their property in return for a five to ten year rent-free lease on the property. At the end of the term, he simply moves on to do it again with the landowner now in receipt of a home they can either live in themselves, rent out, or use for guests.”

You can read all the details on their blog: Canadian Dirtbags

Here’s a rather extensive list of earthbag blogs.
(Please let us know of any others.)

2 thoughts on “Mortage-free Property”

  1. hi
    i own 1 acre in hawaii
    i want to build a sustainable eco community where people come to learn, heal, experience water harvesting, growning food and eating what is grown, solar, hydro, wind, power and heat. earth bag living, in comfort and style. our future depends on our learning and teaching and sharing .
    love to all

    • Good news. Mark Hanson and Jorge Dominguez just finished the first code approved earthbag house in Hawaii. It’s an eco-dome. They have some videos on YouTube and probably a website by now. They’re starting to offer training. And I think they’re going to teach permaculture as well.


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