Mortgage Fraud Coming to Light

We always encourage everyone to build with low cost, local materials and build only what you can afford. Many homeowners who have chosen to get a mortgage are struggling against massive bank fraud, which is now being exposed by bank employees. So again, save yourself a lot of time, grief and money by paying cash. Remember you can always add on later.

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Mortgage-Free! Radical Strategies for Home Ownership

“This is a banker’s worst nightmare — a book that tells you how to live without being enslaved to financial institutions .Chelsea Green has produced a formidable series of books on innovative shelter. But every alternative building strategy, no matter how low-cost or environmentally benign, requires a complementary financial strategy. The accepted path is to … Read more

Mortage-free Property

This wonderful idea is from Canadian Dirtbags, one of my favorite earthbag blogs. “Don’t have the money to buy land? Consider ‘borrowing’ a patch of land before you lock into a mortgage that will have you working to pay it off for who knows how many years. We met a gentleman last year who has … Read more