Living With Less: America’s Quest for Simplicity

Millions of people are trapped in debt and unable to reach their peak potential.
Millions of people are trapped in debt and unable to reach their peak potential.

– Step one: We spend years working to pay the mortgage, buy nicer cars, more gadgets, trendier clothes. Leaving us with piles and piles of stuff.
– Step two: Cleaning out, moving, or just tryng to free up some space. We realize not only that these previous purchases haven’t brought us meaning, but that they’ve actually distracted us from what is most meaningful.

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Vote with Your Wallet

Zafra, one of our readers, left a comment today that said, “I would argue that government itself is not the problem, but corporate control of government is. As a rule, if you see government interfering in progressive movements it’s to protect the corporations and industries (banks, insurance, timber, chemical just to name a few that … Read more

Mortage-free Property

This wonderful idea is from Canadian Dirtbags, one of my favorite earthbag blogs. “Don’t have the money to buy land? Consider ‘borrowing’ a patch of land before you lock into a mortgage that will have you working to pay it off for who knows how many years. We met a gentleman last year who has … Read more

Rent/Mortgage-free Housing

Mortgages are unaffordable to many millions of people who would love to have their own home. Here’s one low cost option that may prove helpful. Farmers often need extra help, and so you may be able to find a trustworthy farmer who is willing to trade your labor for a free place to build your … Read more

Local Materials, Small Designs and DIY Labor = Sustainable and Affordable Housing

What does it take to build truly sustainable houses – the kind people really want and can afford – and not some greenwashing hype? Most contractor-built houses are not affordable to the masses, so obviously something is amiss. And because buildings account for the largest share of energy use and cause devastating effects to our … Read more