New Earthbag Houses in Bangnol, Haiti

From Patti Stouter:

The cardiologist with the Haiti Christian Development Project who helped get the Bois Marchand earthbag house built near Gonaives, Haiti sent a link to some photos- 2 are the new earthbag buildings at a small village called Bognol. I helped to design the site and these buildings. Earthbag houses bring great excitement to the community and demands for expansion.

At Bangnol, we went in the two new earthbag houses nearing completion (and enjoyed the 10-15 degree cooler temperatures). These are two-room houses that are bigger, have better ventilation and cooling than our first house. Thus far, they have cost about $1850 each to build, and we feel confident that their final cost projects to be under $2000. At the earlier meeting with the elders, we spent a great deal of time talking about how to determine who would get the houses, and we discussed how these subsidized houses could be built. Within a few days, the houses should be completed. We have been contacted by Habitat for Humanity who are interested in our houses because the cost is only 1/3 of the cost of the houses that they are building in Henche, Haiti.

Bangnol, Haiti site plan by Patti Stouter
Bangnol, Haiti site plan by Patti Stouter

Photo credit: David Smith

Bangnol, Haiti Project page

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  1. The buildings look very stable which suprises me. I take it that the rendering is mud? Hopefully this will put a roof over a lot of peoples heads after this recent disaster.

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