Panchayat Academy: Training Leaders to Create Self-reliant Sustainable Villages

Rangaswamy Elango of Panchayat Academy, India
Rangaswamy Elango of Panchayat Academy, India

Lots of people agree how great Gandhi was, but how many seriously try to follow in his footsteps? Rangaswamy Elango is a doer, not just a dreamer. He has managed in a few short years to completely turn around his village. Kuthambakkam, Elango’s home town, is now widely regarded as a model village for rural India. Elango’s goal is networking with other village leaders to create “economies of permanence” or local self-reliant sustainable villages in India. His story is very inspiring, so much so that I seriously considered moving to his village to learn more.

Here are a few links to help you learn more about Rangaswamy Elango’s village work:
+91 44 25016595 and Email: Elango the changemaker Dignified toilet project ABC documentary

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