Preventing Corner Droop

Some earthbag builders have problems with drooping (slumping) earthbags at corners and next to window and door openings. Without another bag to support the unsupported bag end, bags tend to slump. (All other bags are butted against other bags and don’t have this tendency.) But like everything else in earthbag building, there’s a simple solution. The video above demonstrates the process.

I call it pre-tamping. I pre-tamp the soil in the bag as the bag is being filled (tamp after each bucket load). I do this on every bag, but on these corner bags and end bags I use extra tamping when filling the bags. That’s it! The bags are densely compacted and won’t slump. Just use a bit of caution when you’re doing your final tamping (when each course is complete). Be careful not to tamp the corners and ends too much. You want each course to be level.

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