Problems with Earthbags from China?

Reader question: “Has anyone determined the safety of bags manufactured in China, vs the US? I have read reports of bag failure even after the bags were kept covered. Is it known if the bag failures are from the manufacturing materials or the percentage of UV protection the covering material provides?

I need to purchase bags, but am concerned with buying poor quality bags. I would love to hear from others where their bags were manufactured, and any problems associated with the bags.” Cathy

Hi Cathy, I have not heard of low quality polypropylene bags from China, but with all the product complaints and recalls from there I would not be surprised. The most likely source of problems is UV degradation. Too much sunlight will break down the bag material. We regularly advise builders to cover or coat the bags until they are plastered. This can be as simple as tacking temporary black plastic sheeting or shade cloth on the walls with a few nails.

Our Resources page at Earthbag lists the most popular bag suppliers. I haven’t heard any complaints from anyone buying from these companies.

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