Problems with Earthbags from China?

Reader question: “Has anyone determined the safety of bags manufactured in China, vs the US? I have read reports of bag failure even after the bags were kept covered. Is it known if the bag failures are from the manufacturing materials or the percentage of UV protection the covering material provides?

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Bags with Plastic Liners

Question: I can only find second hand (misprinted) woven polypropylene gusseted bags that have a laminated coating on the inside (for flour and other food products). The laminated coating is actually integrated into the bag so you can’t tear it out (almost like a thin, iron on layer). Do you think the laminated coating will … Read more

Physical Properties of Polypropylene Bags

The following text and list of properties has been gathered from various poly bag supplier websites to give you a snapshot view of poly earthbags. The information is presented here in a condensed format for brevity. It’s fun doing these blog posts because I always learn something. For instance, did you know polypropylene is 100% … Read more

Purchasing Earthbags Directly from China

I got a fortuitous email from the sales manager of a large factory in China that manufactures polypropylene bags wanting my business. During the course of our email exchanges I was able to find out what they can offer by way of bags, costs and transportation. The China Forest Packaging Group in Qingdao, China can … Read more